Just checking in on PGUM

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UAL001 Gary Price
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Just checking in on PGUM

Post by UAL001 Gary Price » Aug 12th, '17, 20:16

Just a quick note, I forgot to take some screenshots, sorry..

After doing a stupid long flight: KDEN to RCTP last night with a couple of the other VUAL pilots (we flew right into an event at RCTP this morning, fun, fun.) I decided to make a quick charter trip from RCTP to PGUM to check on our hub...

As you may, or may not know, Guam has been in the news lately, and I wanted to make sure I had a chance to check on our operations and preparations....

I am pleased to report everything looks in order, and the hub is prepared for "anything" that might come its way... The runways at PGUM were glad to accept my excellent landing in the B772.... (sorry I had to get that in the story somehow..)

On a side note, Guam is in the middle of the Pacific, surrounded by lots and lots of water.... I would be shocked if any missile from North Korea could find that place.... The North Koreans need to relax, and let us keep enjoying the beautiful beaches and margaritas there!


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UAL004 Danny Vinson
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Re: Just checking in on PGUM

Post by UAL004 Danny Vinson » Aug 13th, '17, 01:30

After seeing your precision landing on the island I am sure the N Koreans are thinking twice about messing with us!
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UAL025 Dennis Lynn
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Re: Just checking in on PGUM

Post by UAL025 Dennis Lynn » Aug 13th, '17, 21:18

Gary: just took the Queen from Guam to San Fran. Don't know why but it was full of DELTA staff!

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