How to land smoothly? (more precisely how to flare?)

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UAL720 John Kim
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How to land smoothly? (more precisely how to flare?)

Post by UAL720 John Kim » Jul 3rd, '17, 23:28

Hello, captains.

Although I watched several youtube videos regarding flares both in real world and flight sim, I still struggle to nail it down. I am aiming to hit the golden rate between 0 and -50 fpm, but it seems getting worse and worse (recently one was almost -700fpm).

Can anyone (especially those who have Tripple Crown Award) share your way to achieve a smooth landing using PMDG aircrafts?

I am working on PMDG 772 (BTW, P3D V4 is awesome. No more worries on VAS problem.) but it seems that having a right flare with 772 is a lot difficult than 737 series.

Please kindly share your wisdom so that I may become a "smooth" landing pilot.

Thank you for your tip in advance.


John Kim (UAL720)


UAL518 Richard Walsh
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Re: How to land smoothly? (more precisely how to flare?)

Post by UAL518 Richard Walsh » Jul 4th, '17, 20:02

Its all in your approach. When do you disconnect the auto pilot? You have to have a feel for the aircraft as you land. If you have the AP on until you are almost touching down you wont have a feel for the aircraft.If you have a stable approach I start to slowly pull back on the yoke at the 50AGL call out. and then hold it as the engines idle out at 20AGL. You should touch down smoothly. Keep in mind a great landing is centerline ,first 3rd of the runway. The fpm comes after.

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